Course Description

Working with children from traumatic backgrounds is hard and practitioners can easily become stuck when certain behaviors and emotions arise. 

Prepare to be unstuck. In this course, renowned author and award-winning therapist Deborah Gray provides scenario-based training with practical "how-to" advice for caregivers and practitioners that are working with children from challenging backgrounds. 

Join this course and learn how to help heal the wounds of trauma and promote healthy attachment with disadvantaged children in your care.

If you enjoy this short course, we encourage you to check out the longer accredited post-graduate online course that we developed with Deborah and the Honestly Adoption Company. The Attachment-Trauma Focused Therapy (ATFT) program covers in-depth themes that you find in this Trauma Informed Care course. 

Especially designed for clinicians,  the ATFT includes 46 continuing education units across nine different full-length modules. Get plugged in with more content from Deborah as you seek to help children and families that have been impacted by trauma!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    How Do I...

    • [01] How do I know what trauma looks like and how to heal

    • [02] How do I know the vulnerable child I'm working with has gone through trauma before?

    • [03] How do I assess the level of trauma in a child?

    • [04] How do I go about communicating with a child that has been traumatized?

    • [05] How do I create a safe place for a child to go through their trauma?

    • [06] How do I build trust with a child who has experienced trauma?

    • [07] How do I help a child self-regulate?

    • [08] How do I take care of myself when I experience secondary trauma (as a parent)?

    • [09] How do I take care of myself when I experience secondary trauma (As someone providing care)?

    • [10] How do I stay positive and healthy when I'm around stress and trauma?

    • [11] How do I stop repeating myself and parent my child differently?

    • [12] How can I help a Carer who is experiencing secondary trauma?

    • [13] How do I assess a child's developmental age?

    • [14] How do I promote resilience in a child?

    • [15] How do I promote secure attachment with a child?

    • [16] How do I help a child grieve loss in a healthy way?

    • [17] How do I discipline a child who has disorganized attachment?

    • [18] How Do I Stop Repeating Myself and Instruct Differently?

    • [19] What actions should I avoid when a traumatized child is acting out

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  • 2

    What Do I Do When...

    • [01] What do I do when a child is not attaching to the appropriate care giver?

    • [02] What do I do when there's a child that has sexual trauma and they start to show signs of inappropriate sexual behavior?

    • [03] What do I do when the child refuses to do family chores or routine?

    • [04] What do I do when I feel like I've tried everything and nothing is working?

    • [05] What do I do when I suspect a parent or Carer is abusing the child?

    • [06] What do I do if the Carer is spanking a child because that's what they know?

    • [07] What are the top three challenges for care takers with kids who have gone through trauma

  • 3

    Why do...

    • [01] Why Do Children Lie and what can I do about it?

    • [02] Why does a child store food when they don't need to?

    • [03] Why do children hide dirty underwear instead of putting them in the laundry?

    • [04] Why does a child have a hard time making decisions?

    • [05] Why does a child try and get between me and my spouse?

    • [06] Why do children behave differently in one situation than in another?

    • [07] Why do children struggle to stick to plans we've already discussed?

    • [08] Why does a teenager think they can make their own decisions without guidance?

    • [09] Why does my child behave differently than other children in my family?

  • 4

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